Neha’s Marriage!

On 4 February 2013, Neha consulted me regarding her marriage. She looked quite worried; quite obviously, as she was in early thirties then and there were no signs of any marriage proposals.

I said to Neha “Don’t worry, your ‘would be husband’ is already born on this planet earth, let us find out when he will meet you”

When will Neha tie the knot?

KP Horary answered, as usual, with confidence and certainty.

For Neha’s case I decided use horary techniques. My experience tells that for such question like marriage, job, real estate etc Horary is the best way to go. Birth chart often fails to pin point such incidences happening in one’s life. Horary chart is like magnifying glass, enlarging only certain period in one’s life to see events that usually can’t be revealed through birth chart.

Inaccurate birth time is the biggest obstacle in using birth chart, at least while using KP for KP is a sub-lord theory and couple of minute’s error in birth chart could change a sub lord and that in turn would change the chart drastically, from Mr Narendra Modi to Mr Arvind Kejriwal.

Many astrologer (KP especially) resort to some kind of Birth time rectification , in KP ruling planets based birth time rectification is quite common and popular too. But I have some reservations here, I stick to the more scientific method of birth time rectification, when I say scientific it means repeatability. In my method, I collect major life events and cross check with both static and dynamic planetary combinations in the birth chart. I use many timing methods such as Solar arcs, Secondary Progressed Moon, Tertiary progression, Age Harmonics and Uranian Planetary pictures. But this all takes considerable time and efforts. A large amount of data is required and many time a face to face meeting with the client is also required, To do all this, I need to charge a lot more and many client are not ready to compensate for it neither they are ready to wait till I finish my analysis

Most of people approaching me in fact want it for free! Yes you heard it correctly, they want it free as if getting free readings is their birth right, I ask why? These guys are certainly not that poor who can’t afford a square meal a day. They happily spend even bigger sums on daily basis on Hotels, fast food, movies, clothing, internet, cell phones and what not, But they are not willing spend couple of hundred rupees for a valuable astrological advice. They tip the waiter in a restaurant (and mind you it could be more than Rs 100) what that waiter does for you, hauling dishes prepared by the cook to you, noting more than this. But when an astrologer who had studied this art for 15+ years , and spending hours to analyze the chart and providing some insight that could change their life ,they are not ready to compensate those efforts.

Anyway, back to Neha and her problem.

KP is best suited for Horary (Prashna), to use KP for Natal chart we must have a highly accurate birth time in the tune of +/- 2 minutes, this itself is the biggest deterrent. We all know that it is rare to have the birth time recorded to such accuracy. And when we are dealing with birth happened some 40-50 years ago then just forget it, you are lucky if we get a birth time within +/-15 minutes.
For Horary, we fix the time, if needed to 1 second or better, hence sub-lords are accurate and so the theory works only on such accurate charts.

I use KP exclusively for Horary work, for general chart analysis I use Vedic and western method, for character analysis, psychological analysis and personality studies I use Uranian Astrology, Cosmobiology and sometime Handwriting Analysis.

Even many veteran KP Scholars had so far endorsed directly / indirectly that KP is good only for Horary.

But using Horary is always an easy going as it appears from KP literature. In order to work first of all we need to understand of essence of Prasna Shastra or Horary, the whole concept is based on some divine principle, and the time at which the question is asked (or the horary number used in KP) is sort of help coming from the Super Powers. So this super power is going to help someone only when that person is pretty serious about knowing the answers, means there must be extreme urge, honesty, sincerely and above all faith in astrology. Any doubts, fear, uncertainty, questioning mind, casual approach, mockery, testing of any kind, all hampers the process. Answer is going to be wrong as starting itself is on a wrong foot.

But deciding the genuineness or urge itself is very subjective and daunting task, there no method via which we decide that the query is genuine and there is extreme urge behind it. No thermometer like instrument available to check this aspect. We have to rely either on our common sense or some intuitive powers.

Whenever client approaches you don’t rush to ask him/her the KP number. But allow the person to relax for a while, once the person is well settled and relaxed slowly come to the point. Ask the person to concentrate on the issue and generate the number. At the same time don’t make it a kind of ritual or sort of it. People often gets scared by it and might run away thinking that it is something black magic or else.

Back to Neha and her query. I explained in brief about how horary chart works and requested Neha to generate a Horary number while concentrating on the issue that is “marriage when”

She thought for a while and gave me this number of ‘11”

A Horary chart made using this number is printed below.

Horary Number: 11 (249)

Time: 17:30:57
Date: 04 February 2013

Place: Nashik (Maharashtra)

Ayanamsha: KPNEW 23:56:59

Software: KPStar One

The very first thing we need to check the position of the Moon, where she is located in which house, in which Star etc. Means we need to find out houses signified by the Moon, because the Moon always reflects our mind. So whatever the Moon is signifying is an indication of the thoughts that were dominating that person’ s mind at the time of asking the query (or generating number), we must see that the querent is concentrating on the query , so the Moon must signify the houses related to the query being asked.

Here in this case, Neha’s query was regarding her marriage, so naturally her mind must have been thinking about marriage at the time of generating the number and eventually the Moon we reflect this indeed that was the case.

Now in KP for marriage three houses are considered:

2: Increase in family / addition to the family

7:  Married life partner/ spouse

11: Fulfillment of desires

7th is considered the main or principle house for issues related to marriage.

Now if the Moon is signifying any of these three house (not necessarily all , any one or two from the group would suffice) we can safely assume that querent is asking a genuine question and there is some urge for knowing the answer. (However this is not an indication that the answer is going to be an affirmative one that we need to figure out later) at this stage what we could possibly figure out that the question is genuine and asked with some good intention.

Let’s have a look at the Moon first,

(Signification is written as: A grade / B grade / C grade / D grade)

Moon is in 7th, owner of 4th, she is in the star of Saturn who is in 7th and owns 10th and 11th; means Moon is significator of 7/7/10, 11/4.

The Moon is signifying 7 and 11, two houses for ‘Marriage’; this clearly suggests that the question is genuine and asked with due urgency and intensity.

Sometimes it happens that the Moon doesn’t signify any of the concerned houses, this would mean, the querent was thinking something else while generating the Horary number or the querent my not be sincere enough or it is just that the time is not appropriate for the question being asked. In such situation it is better to not to answer the question at that particular moment but advice the querent to come at a later date / time when his/her mind is clam and concentrated on the query.

Now next step is to check whether the marriage is promised or not. The cuspal sub-lord of 7th would give the clues. 7th is the principle house for marriage.

At this stage we need to check to things:

  1. The cuspal sub-lord of principle house must not be in the Star of a retrograde planet, the cuspal sub-lord himself may be retrograde at that moment but its Star lord must be in direct motion. If the cuspal sub-lord is in the Star of a retrograde planet then we need not proceed any further, as this would indicate the answer to bee negative, it clearly suggests that the event is not going to happen.   But I remind you here that this doesn’t mean the event (marriage in his case) never happen in the entire life span of the querent, not at all, Horary has a very narrow / limited time span of say six months to one year , so all this could mean is that event won’t happen in the near future for sure but it may happen at a later date beyond the limit set for Horary , That ‘s why I always insists my clients to fix some time limit while framing the question instead of “Will I ever get married ‘ better to ask ‘Will I get married within next six month / one year’
  2. Second check point is , the cuspal sub-lord must signify at least one house form the set of houses responsible for the event , for marriage those are 2,7,11 (occasionally 5,8). If the cuspal sub-lord is not signifying any of these house then it also indicates that the event won’t be manifesting , But again as I said in the check point one above, this is only for certain limited time span and event may manifest at a later date but at present the answer is negative. Under this situation we need not proceed any further

Here in this case, 7th cuspal sub-lord is Venus and it is in the sub of Sun, as Sun never retrogrades, so our first condition is fulfilled.

Venus is 10th and lord of 3rd and 7th, Venus is in the Star of Sun, Sun is in 10th and lord of 5th means Venus is signifying 10/10/5/2,7

Our second condition is also fulfilled as Venus is signifying 2nd and 7th.

We reached our first mile stone, at least we can say here that there are chances of Neha getting married in the near future, but it is still a probability. We need to check Dasha, Bhukti, and Antara as well as transits to check whether this probability converts into reality or else.

At the query time Saturn Dasha was going on till 13 may 2031. Let’s check whether Saturn promises a marriage or not.

Saturn is in 7th, lord of 10th and 11th Saturn is Rahu’s Star; Rahu is in 7th means Saturn’s significance is: 7/7/-/10, 11

Saturn’s strong significance of 7th House confirms that Saturn is very much in favor for marriage, sure, marriage is going to happen in this Saturn Dasha. But we must check sub of this Saturn Dasha lord. Saturn is in Venus’ Sub, we have checked Venus’s significance and that is 10 / 10 / 5 / 2, 7 means not only Dasha lord Saturn is favorable but its Sub is also pretty much favorable for marriage.

But this Saturn Dasha is going to run till 2031, some 18 years to go. We must narrow it down to month / week or day! So let us check all remaining Bhukti, Antara within this Saturn Dasha.

At the query time, Saturn Dasha and Saturn Bhukti was going on , as Bhukti of Dasha lord is always stronger and should be given preference (however for that Dasha lord must be a very string significator for the event, preferably Dasha lord must be signifying the principle house for the query under consideration)

So far we concluded on Saturn Dasha and Saturn Bhukti, but Saturn Bhukti period is quite bill running till 16th May 2015, means almost 2 years are balance. This is not narrow enough; we must go further down.

Let us check all Antara within Saturn Bhukti.

We have following Antara here:

  1. Mercury: Till 7 Apr 2013
  2. Ketu: Till 10 June 2013
  3. Venus: Till 10 December 2013
  4. Sun: Till 3 February 2014
  5. Moon: Till 6 May 2014
  6. Mars: Till 9 July 2014
  7. Rahu: Till 20 December 2014
  8. Jupiter: Till 16 may 2014

Horary chart is meant only for a short duration; here we have set up a limit of a year or so. Means Antara of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter are beyond our chosen time span, so I decided to drop those Antara. May be we can revisit them as a last resort.

Saturn is a very strong significator of 7th and rather weak significator of 11th, means we need somebody with a very strong significance of 2nd and at the same time we need to see that that it must not strongly signify opposition houses (1, 6, 10, 8, and 12)

At this stage I am going to tell a lesser known but quite powerful rule in KP, so please pay attention.

“When a house is empty and there are no planets in the house lord’s Stars, then House lord becomes the only (sole) significator of that house. But when such situation occurs check for any planet/s posited in the Sub of that house lord. (Means you need to check planet/s whose sub lord this hours lord. If we find any such planet then that planet becomes a significator of that house under consideration. It happens sometimes that there are no planets in the house lord’s start and also no planets with this house lord as a sub, then go further down and check for any planets whose sub-sub lord is our house lord.”

Let us check other houses (both flavoring to and opposing to marriage) and apply this rule.

2nd House: The house is empty! House lord is Venus. No planets are in Venus’ Star. Means we have Venus as the sole significator for 2nd. …/…./…./ Venus.

Here we need to apply the rule. Check whether there is any planet whose sub is Venus. We have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn having Venus as their sub. All these planets now become significator of 2nd house.

2nd House; —/ —- / Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu / Venus.

11th House: Mercury and Mars are posited in 11th, no planets in Mercury Stars, while mercury is Mar’s Star. 11th house lord is Saturn; Moon is in Saturn’s Star. So significator for 11th house are: Mercury / Mercury, Mars / Moon / Saturn.

6th House: No planets in the house. House lord is Mercury, no planets in Mercury’s Star. Means we have only Mercury as the only significator of 6th House. …/…./…/ Mercury. Here we need o apply the rule mentioned above. So who is in Mercury sub then, no one! Let us go further down, who is in Mercury Sub-Sub? Yes Moon’s sub-sub lord is Mercury! So we got Moon as significator for 6th house, its rank is above the House lord Mercury. So final significance for 6th is : …/…/ Moon/ Mercury.

10th House: Venus and Sun are in 10th, no planets in Venus’ Star while Venus and Ketu are in Sun’s Star. 10th house lord is Saturn. Moon is in Saturn’s Star. So significator for 10th house are: Venus, Ketu / Venus, Sun / Moon / Saturn.

1st House; Ketu and Jupiter are in 1st, no planets in Ketu’s Star, Rahu is in Jupiter’s Star, 1st lord is Mars, and Mercury is in Mar’s Star. So significator for 1st house are: Rahu / Jupiter, Ketu / Mercury/ Mars.

Now back to selection of Antara.

In Saturn Bhukti, at present Mercury Antara is going on. Mercury is in 11th, owns 3rd and 5th. Mercury is in the Star of Mars; Mars is in 11th and owns 1st and 8th. Mercury is a strong significator 1st by the special rule we checked earlier. Means Mercury is signifying: 8, 6 and 1, this is not good for marriage. So let us drop Mercury Antara as it is is certainly not favorable for marriage.

Next Antara is of Ketu. Ketu is in 1st, its Start lord is Sun, Sun is in 10th and owns 5th. Ketu and Saturn are in aspect, means Ketu will signify all the houses given by Saturn. Saturn significance as we know is: 7 / 7 / — /. Ketu is in Mar’s sign means Ketu would give results of houses signified by Mars, Mars is signifying 11th 1st and 8th. Though Ketu is a strong significator of 7th by means of aspecting Saturn, it is also signifying 10th, 1st and 8th further it is not signifying the 2nd house which we are desperately looking for. Thus Ketu Antara is not at all favorable for marriage.

Next Antara is of Venus, we have already cheeked significance of Venus and that is 10 / 10 / 5 / 2, 7. Venus is in conjunction with Sun, so Venus will signify all houses signified by Sun. We have seen that Sun is 10th, owns 5th, Sun is in the Star on Moon and Moon is in 7th and owns 4th. We have seen that Sun signifies 2nd by means of special rule. So Venus’ final significance is: 2, 7 / 10 / 4 / 5. Means Venus is favorable for marriage.

Next Anatara is of Sun. We already checked Sun’s significance as: 2, 7 / 10 / 4 / 5 as Sun is in conjunction with Venus he will also signify houses signified by Venus, Sun is in the Sub of Venus. So Sun is also pretty good for marriage.

Next Antara is of Moon. Moon is in 7th, is lord of 4th, Moon is in the Star of Saturn, and Saturn is in 7th and owns 10th and 11th. We have also seen that Moon is also a very string significator of 6th. Moon’s significance is: 7, 10, 6 / 7 / 10, 11 / 4. Means Moon being pretty strong significator of 6th and 10th both opposing house for marriage, we just can’t consider Moon here.

Next Antara of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter , are far way time period as far as horary chart is concerned, horary chart are best for events likely to happen during 3 to six months at the most we can extend its range to say one and half year. So with the fixed a time frame of one and half year, obviously only Moon, Venus and Sun Antara could fit the bill. Out of these three planets Moon is already ruled out so we are left with Sun and Venus.

Both are quite powerful significator for marriage, both are in conjunction in the first place, so share the same significance, on top of this both are in the same Sub.

One thought came to my mind that give preference to Venus as Venus is natural significator (karak) for marriages but this being a female nativity, Mars and Sun are more dominant as far as marriage is concerned.

Venus can’t be fully ruled out, she is very well a strong contender, along with Sun, which one to choose? When an astrologer is at such cross roads, many resort to Ruling planets to choose Antara/Sookshma etc, but my own experience with Ruling Planets (RP) is not that enthusiastic, somehow RPs never help me. There are some cases wherein I use RP, it is when Horary chart Ascendant is the same as Natal chart Ascendant or Horary chart Moon Star is the same as that of Natal chart’s Moon Star, only such rare occasions RP indeed helped me. In Neha’s case there was no such possibility. So I decided to check transits.

We have formed the Dasha – Bhukti- Antara chain as Saturn-Saturn- Venus and Saturn-Saturn-Sun, as the event is likely to happen after several moths I decided to check transit of Sun. Ideally we need to check a period during which Sun is transiting in Sign-Star combo of planets in the chain we formed earlier.

We have Saturn-Venus or Saturn-Sun means we have to look for following combinations.

  1. Saturn’s Sign – Venus’s Star
  2. Saturn’s Sign – Sun’s star
  3. Sun’s Sign – Saturn’s Star
  4. Venus’ Sign and Saturn’s Star

Our target period is from 10 June 2014 to 4 Feb 2014.

During this period Sun will transit through

Gemini (Mercury), Cancer (Moon), Leo (Sun), Virgo (Mercury), Libra (Venus), Scorpio (Mars) Sagittarius (Jupiter) and Capricorn (Saturn)

We can’t consider Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Moon are not in our chain.

That leaves only Leo (Sun), Libra (Venus) and Capricorn (Saturn) signs, as Sun, Venus and Saturn are in the chain.

In Leo there are no Saturn stars so Sun-Saturn chain can’t be formed. And in Libra there are no Saturn stars mean here also we can’t get Saturn -Venus combo.

We are now left with only Capricorn (Saturn) and here we have only Sun’s stars so the question of Sun Antara or Venus Antara gets sorted out automatically.

Look at the Antara periods again; Sun’s Antara is from 10 Dec 2013 to 3rd Feb. 2014. Sun will be Saturn’s sign Capricorn during 14th January 2014 till 23rd  January 2014. This fits our chain. Earlier dates are not feasible because Venus will be combust during 8th January to 14 January and this combustion is strictly a “No’ for marriages.

Bingo! We are done, transits are confirmed and I have no doubts that there are pretty high chances of Neha getting married and the period could be from- 13 January to 23 January 2014.

Well, it is technically possible to find the extract date within this already narrowed down time frame but for this type of queries it would be rather an over-kill!

“Neha, I don’t think your marriage is possible in 2013, but good news is that , 2014 seems to be quite promising. Just wait till January 2014, by January 15 to 23 you will tie the knot, I am sure about this, dead sure I would rather say”

Neha looked pretty upset, obviously because she wanted a quick turn around but according to my prediction she needs to wait much longer than her expectations. But somehow she composed herself and said

“Are you sure, because in the past several Astrologers kept me telling dates after dates, and if there was any merit in what they said , I could have married for at least half a dozen times!”

“Neha, Astrology is science of probabilities, it just tells the possibilities, and there are lot of other things that finally end in manifesting an event. Keep trying, that is what we have in our hands. My best wishes are always with you.

Neha’s next visit to me was in January 2014, broad smile on her face and bubbling enthusiasm was a clear indication that she is on the way of getting married pretty soon.

“So, Neha, all is well as per your wish, When?”

“21 January 2014!”

“I don’t know how to thank you, you know when I visited last time and you predicted this event that too after one year, to be frank I was not ready to accept you and literally I discarded your predictions and ridiculed . But I proved wrong, you are great…”

“No, Neha, I am not that great, it K.P and our Guru Krishnamurti, all credit goes to this wonderful system of prediction, I just follow it..”

“I wish you both all the best and a happy and wonderful married life..”

God Luck


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Have a question, a comment? Want to collaborate in some way? Just have something nice to say? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me a message by filling up the contact form provided at the bottom of this page. I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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