Aniket’s job query

It was 17th March 2013, when Aniket consulted me. Such a young, talented engineer but was in pretty miserable state. He was in a good job till recently, but all of a sudden the cruel cost cutting axe fell on him, and he got fired! Aniket was rather over confident that he would get another job in no time because of his qualifications, experience and track records, but luck wasn’t ready to smile at him, days galloped ,weeks passed and calendar turned four pages;  Aniket was still jobless, wandering into job market. Now it was a panic situation for him.

Will he be able to get a job soon?

As always, KP Horary provided him a razor sharp prediction… How? Read on…….

“Don’t worry, Aniket, usually engineers of your rank and caliber won’t remain jobless for this long, it is just a bad patch, but we’ll find out when the Sun will shine”

“Is it? Can Astrology tell this?”

“Of course it can, many had experienced this and now it is your turn”

Aniket put his birth chart in front of me but I preferred to do the Horary. For answering day to day questions such as finding a job, transfers/promotion, job changes, Sale and Purchase of real estate etc ‘Horary’ is the best tool.

Birth chart is fine as far as getting an overall picture; it provides kind of bird’s eye view, while Horary can pin point and answer your day to day problems  precisely . With Birth charts the biggest nightmare is the accuracy of birth time, it is my observation that almost 98% charts I come across have inaccurate birth time ranging from +/- 10 minutes to anywhere in the neighborhood of +/- 30 minutes.

KP is a sub lords theory, sub lord changes every 2-3 minutes and an inaccuracy of even 5 minutes would turn the chart upside down, from Hero to Zero.

There are many birth time rectification methods available. In KP a Ruling planets based technique is advocated and widely used. But Ruling planets concept itself is based on some Divine help / intuition principles. Astrologers blessed with high intuitive powers get all the help from Ruling Planets as one would get from his obedient servants. Unfortunately for me this help is in short supply, Ruling planets rarely help me. That’s why, I seldom use them in my practice.

For Birth Time rectification;  I use ‘Past events’ based techniques such as Solar arc, Tertiary Progressions and Uranian Planetary pictures. But for that I need at least a dozen odd past events from client’s life, there must be at least 3-4 traumatic events. In addition to this I also need some client’s personal information and in some case a face to face meeting is also required. Even then, after laboring for an entire  day, I usually come out with only a near approximate birth time. Many times client is not comfortable in sharing personal information and many are not prepared to compensate for this effort.

Anyway, for Horary, chart is erected on the spot at the time of the query, astrologer then can set the time quite precisely up to milliseconds if needed. Analysis is straight forward with minimum clutter or distractions, as we are concentrating only on a single event. The focus is quite narrow and efforts can be concentrated on select few factors, overlooking other irrelevants. Many veteran KP astrologers either directly or indirectly, are strongly in favor of KP Horary as opposed to KP Natal.

But before resorting to Horary, please check following points:

  1. It is querent ’s own question.
  2. Querent is personally involved in the situation.
  3. Question must be of something very important, urgent and querent is really desperate to know the answer. Means there must be a real urge.
  4. Intention must be sincere, there should not be any casual approach or question that is asked just to test the astrologer or for some mockery.
  5. The same question is not asked to any other astrologer/s in the recent past.
  6. Querent is sufficiently involved and already putting his/her own efforts in working out a solution.
  7. Lastly, the outcome of the question (event) must known (good/bad, favorable/unfavorable, success/Failure) within a time frame of six month to one year and answer should be verifiable.

OK, now towards Mr. Aniket.

I first engaged into some casual conversation with Aniket, exchanged some pleasantries. This is a very important step in a horary practice. It helps the querent to relax, eases out any mental tension. This makes the querent more receptacle to the process of generating a horary number. As the Horary number is a Divine help, querent’s mind must be calm, without any distractions and fully focused on the problem in front of him/her.

I explained him, in brief, the Horary process and asked him to concentrate on the issue and think of a number between, 1 – 249. I further suggested that the number should come spontaneously and it should not be fabricated one such as some lucky number, or a number culled out of birth date or car registration number, etc.

Aniket thought for a while a said:

“Uncle, number ‘161‘ came to my mind, will it be OK?”

“Aniket, we are not selecting any number here, the number should come spontaneously, as it came in your case, the number itself is a divine guidance, we have to accept it as it is, without any doubts. The number itself is just a seed, just a trigger. any number would serve our purpose as long as it is coming spontaneously. Now, just relax, I will work out a chart using this number 161”

A KP Horary based on this number and query time is presented below.

Chart Data:

Horary Number (between 1-249): 161

Date: 17 March 2013

Time: 16:19:04

Place: Nasik (Maharashtra)

Ayanamsa: KP 23:57:05

Software: KPStar One.

The moment the chart is ready, very first thing we must check is the Moon, her location and Star in which she is posited.

As Moon is significator of mind, she always reflects the mind of the querent at the time of asking the question (generating the number). The houses signified by the Moon tell us, what the querent was thinking at that time. If the houses signified are not in line with the houses relevant to the query then it could be that:

  1. The question is not genuine (casual approach, client is not serious enough).
  2. Client is not clear about what to ask or he/she is confused and not in a position to frame his/her query in crisp/unambiguous words.
  3. Querent has got something else in his/her mind.
  4. There is some hidden motive or a question behind a question.
  5. Querent is hiding some information.
  6. Time is not up for the querent to receive any divine help.
  7. Querent is asking a question not related to him/her or out of some pure imagination or the query itself is speculative in nature.

In this case it is advised, not to answer the query. Ask the querent to come another time when his/her mind calmed down and s/he is fully concentrated on the issue.

Aniket was desperate about finding a job, so the Moon should reflect his mind. Let’s see what the Moon has to say/

For a query about ‘getting a job’, 4 houses are to be considered (analyzed)

2: House of finance. Bank balance.

6: Service, daily attendance to duties (job).

10: House of profession, what a person does for his/her bread and butter.

11: House of fulfillment of desire.

(In KP , this 11th house is always taken for any queries wherein querent is desiring something, such as getting a job, getting married, having a kid, buying/selling etc)

10th House is considered the principle house for job related query.

Now at this juncture, some might raise a doubt that 10th is 12th house for 11th means 10thth will oppose 11th, then how come both will work together? They will, the answer is 10th being the principle house here, it won’t affect the 11th , the house of fulfillment of desire.

As the query is about job, the Moon must signify at least one house from the above list. The Moon can signify many other houses also, and then those houses reflect what client was thinking, apart from the job.

Now, we’ll look at the Moon.

The Moon is in 6th, she is lord of 9th and in the star of the Sun, who is in the 4th and owns 10th. Means the Moon is signifying 6, 9, 4 and 10th.  Moon’s significance of 6th and 10th assures us that the query is genuine and the chart is acceptable. In Horary, we call the chart as ‘radical chart’.

Now we move on to check whether a job promised to Aniket or else. 10th Cuspal Sub lord (CSL) will answer this. 10th CSL must signify at least one house from 2,6,10 and 11, and more preferably to  6th or 10th. The reason is: 2nd is the house of money, though related to job, one can make money without having a job (how? Ask any politician) , and 11th is for fulfillment of desires, one may have several desires in mind (getting a job could be just one of them), the Moon signifying  6th or 10th candidly tells us that query is directly related to job/service.

In this chart 10th CSL is the Moon herself, means 10th CSL is signifying 6, 9, 4 and 10. We can say , a job is promised to Aniket. Does that mean we got the answer, the case closed? No way! This is just a beginning!

Even though a job is promised, the time  as chosen by the destiny may come when Aniket would be celebrating his 80th birthday!! Promise delivered but at a wrong time!

So we need to see the time frame also, Querent should get results at a time where in he/she is in position to enjoy it.

What happens if the 10th CSL doesn’t signify any of the houses from the list? Then, indeed, the answer is “NO”, and the case is dismissed!

But luckily, in this case, Aniket is promised a job. Now we have to find out, when the delivery is planned. Who will tell us this? Dasa-Bhukti-Antara periods .

A promise is delivered only at a precise combination of Dasa-Bhukti-Antara-Sookshama cycle. Means we need to find what that combination could be and when it will happen.

At the time of the query, the SUN Dasa was running till 19th Dec 2013, some 8 months are there, enough time for Aniket to find a job. Let’s explore this SUN Dasa.

The Sun is in 4th, owns 10th, is in the star of Jupiter, who is in 6th, owns 2nd and 5th. Means the Sun is signifying 6,2,5,4 and10. Fair enough! Sun Dasa is favorable as it is signifying three main houses (2, 6 and10) from the list. But, wait, Dasa lord  has a master but its Sub Lord is sort of a Gate keeper, without a nod from this gate keeper, nothing enters into our destiny. The Sun is the sub of Rahu, we must check what this Sub is saying!

Rahu (and Ketu) is a shadow planet and most difficult planet when it comes to decide the significance of a planet, because Rahu (and Ketu) gives results in many ways and it then becomes  pretty complicated  mess in no time!

(Whatever I am describing about Rahu also apples to Ketu)

Rahu first gives results as per the planet/s conjunct to it. This conjunction is sign based and not on angular distance. a planet is said to be in conjunction with Rahu when both of them are in a same sign regardless of the angular distance between them, it could be 29 degrees also, as long as both are in the same sign , they in conjunction! For this, we should also construct a standard Lagna chart (chart prepared with Whole Sign Houses concept, Sign = House)

Here Rahu is in conjunction with Saturn, Saturn is in 11th, owns 3rd and 4th, Saturn is in Rahu’s star, who is in 11th; Rahu has no ownership of a sign so there are no houses owned by Rahu. So Saturn signifies 11, 3, 4, , Rahu then signifies this house along with his own signification.

At Rahu is in conjunction with a planet, we calculated the significance of that planet. we may stop this point and skip next steps. But anyway I am explaining next steps too, because  those are required when Rahu is not in conjunction with any planet

Rahu then signifies all hoses signified buy planet/s aspecting Rahu. Again, these aspects are Sign based , and as per Vedic astrology. Here Rahu is aspected by Mars by its 8th Drishti. Mars is in 4th, owns 1st and 6th, Mars is in the star of Saturn whose significance is 11, 3, and 4. Rahu thus signifies 4,1,5,11,3,4 houses along with his own signification.

Rahu then gives results as per its star lords, which is Jupiter in this case, Jupiter is in 6th, owns  2nd and 5th. Means Rahu signifies 6, 2, and 5.

Rahu then gives results based on its Sign Lord. Rahu is in Libra, sign lord is Venus, Venus is in 4th, owns 7th and 12th, Venus is in the star of Jupiter, who is in 6th, owns 2nd and 5th.  Rahu will signify 4, 7, 12, 6, 2, and 5.

Lastly, Rahu signifies the house it is occupying, that is 11th.

Now go figure out! Sum total is Rahu- the sub lord of the Sun (Dasa Lord) signifies major houses in the list! So the gate keeper is willing, chances are quite high for Aniket to get a job during Sun’ Dasa.

But there are 8 months balance in Sun Dasa, if you remember. Saying that the event would happen in 8 month’s time could be a very broad level prediction; we must narrow it down further to month or day; for that we must check for any favorable Bhukti, Antara and Sookshama etc.

In Sun Dasa, we have only Venus Bhukti left, when it ends, Sun Dasa also ends. We have to check  whether this Venus Bhukti, is favorable or not, If this Venus bhukti is not favorable then we have to drop the entire Sun Dasa, since there isn’t any other Bhukti left.

Let’s check Bhuki lord Venus. We know what Venus is signifying and that is 4, 7, 12, 6, 2, and 5. Venus is the sub of Moon, and Moon signifies 6, 2, 4, and 9.  This makes it clear that Venus Bhukti is also favorable, this also strengthen our initial guess that Aniket may get a job before the turn of this Sun Dasa.

Now we have to check any suitable Antara within Venus Bhukti. The  current  is of  the Moon which is going to end by 27th Mar 2013, just 12 days from the date of query, this time period so short that we safely skip this and turn over to next Antara.

Next one is of Mars. Mars Antara will run till 20th April. Mars is in Saturn’s star and Saturn himself is retrograde. In KP,  there is a rule saying that when a planet is in the star of retrograde planet, it won’t offer result until its star lords becomes direct, here if you check ephemeris you will find that Saturn is not going  into direct motion while Mars Antara is running. Mars is of no use to us in this regard. Move on the next Antara and that is of Rahu.

We already know, very well (!) the significance of Rahu. Its sub lord is Mercury, who is in 3rd, owns 8th and 11th, here again this gate keeper is willing. Rahu Antara period is from 20th April to 14 June 2013.

So far we have narrowed down the period to two months. Generally this much clarity would serve the purpose. But as per the KP practices of razor sharp prediction, let us go further down and find out exact date if possible.

So far we have formed a chain SUN-VENUS-RAHU; all three planets are signifying 2,6,10 and 11. But we missed out an important house related to this query and that is 3rd house, the house of interview, negotiations, agreements and contracts (job offer), as you know without these ritual how come we land up a job? So our next level Sookshama Dasa lord should be a strong significator of  3rd house.

We need to find out, who is this guy, who is the first class significator of 3rd house? It is the planet whose Star lord is situated in 3rd. Here it is Mercury means planet/s in Mercury’s start will be the first class significator of 3rd house. But there is nobody in Mercury’s star. Then next in line are occupants of 3rd House, here we have (only) Mercury. It is retrograde but can offer result. And by the time our time frame of 20th April reaches; Mercury anyway will be in direct motion. So Mercury is our Sookshama lord its gate keeper is Saturn and we know that Saturn is signifying 11th and 3rd.  Another coincidence here it that Mercury is also the natural significator of Speech, Negotiations, Meetings, Documents, Agreements and Contact and Communications of all sorts. Further its aspect on 10th house,  seals the deal.

So our chain looks like SUN-VENUS-RAHU_MERCURY this period comes to 15th May to 22nd May.

But wait, don’t declare it. Final approval is yet to come, we must and I repeat we must check the transits, all above would go waste if no suitable transits happen during this selected time frame. Event won’t manifest. And this is final. So what, if transits are not supporting? We have to drop the entire chain and start all over aging for next Dash/Antara etc. 

So let’s check, transits. Now what transit to check, usually it is Sun or other major significator of concerned house transiting in the Sign, Star and sub of favorable significator/s. Let’s check the Sun first. And yes, it is entering into Taurus on 15th may, Taurus mean Venus and the first Star in Taurus is of Sun, means SUN will be transiting through Venus Sign and Sun start, that’s it. Transits are favorable.

Now I become confident that  Aniket would get a job offer during this time frame of 15th May to 22nd May but considering the practical aspect; I declared that he would join on 3 June 2013  (why 3rd June? Because 1st and 2nd June fall on Saturday and Sunday!)

When I declared this, Aniket literally jumped out of the chair!

“Really, am I getting a job by June?”

“Yes, my boy, there are quite high chances of you getting a job then. But you have to continue with you efforts, O would rather say you gear up for more intense efforts. If you sit idle assuming that anyway the job is coming to me by June 3rd,  them it won’t happen. There is some unknown mechanism there in the skies is watching you , me  and all, is smart enough , and it can override all those planets and transit put together. That power has the final say. So now, roll up your sleeves and put in all out efforts and if you do that the result are almost assured as planetary positions are quite promising”

Update: On 3rd May Aniket called me saying that he cleared the telephonic interview phase of a company ‘X’, and is called for the final round (face to face interview) on 17th May.

Needless to tell, Aniket got this job and as predicted joined it on 3rf June 2013.

“Uncle, don’t know how to thank you. When I came to you, I was almost in a collapsed state, but you inspired me, gave me a confidence, and now I am on the job again, I am happy, thank you Sir”

God bless you


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